Axis Robotics Vision

1. Deliver state-of-the-art automation solutions and technical designs that exceed our customers expectations

The perfect automation solution meets the customer’s specific needs and ultimately saves them money through greater yield. We carefully analyze what is currently being done manually and target areas where automation can yield the greatest gains in production. We realize that there are always trade-offs in an automation implementation, so we focus on developing a solution that gives the customer the best technology that both the production environment and the onsite team can support. 

2. Communicate clearly about expectations on each stage of the project

Expectations, be it missed or mis-communicated can be the single most detrimental factor in a successful automation program. Our goal is to be different. We regularly ask what your expectations are of us and we also communicate what our expectations are of you, our customers. In this way, we are able to minimize project risk, manage the project well and ultimately provide our customers with manufacturing excellence through clearly communicated expectations and results.

3. Respond to customers in a way that promotes teamwork and fosters long-term relationships

The challenges we solve are difficult and require an environment of collaboration and teamwork. Communication is key to the development of this kind of environment. We have heard so many complaints from customers who tell us that their vendor simply doesn't respond or is slow at getting back. Our goal is to respond quickly and kindly to any and all of your questions and seek to set ourselves apart from the pack as we strive toward long-term relationship building through the best possible customer care. The biggest compliment we can receive is that our customers enjoyed working with Axis Robotics!

4. Continuously improve on project execution and technical expertise

Automation technology is constantly changing and Axis Robotics is committed to being on the forefront of this technology through ongoing research, training and mentoring. We invest regularly in local college talent/interns and special projects to reinforce our involvement in the community. Our engineering team regularly participates in brainstorming and continuous improvement activities so that we stay sharp and relevant.

5. Provide exceptional support both during startup and at maintenance or repair intervals

An automation project doesn't end when the system is installed and running. We understand that a long-term relationship involves supporting and maintaining the solutions we provide. Let us show you what exceptional support looks like and you will see what a difference it makes!

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